Blagrove Underwriting Agency

Fleet Insurance

Our fleet policy is very similar to those of the composite markets. Importantly, we are not stuck in our ways and are happy to accommodate brokers’ requests to consider different aspects of cover. However, there are certain areas where we have clear views:

Drivers - we pay particular attention to drivers’ age and experience and set our terms accordingly.

Vehicles - we prefer the vehicles to be registered in the name of the company and primarily used on company business. We will cover vehicles not registered to the company, as long as we have the details and understand why you require the fleet policy to cover these vehicles.

Vehicle types - we will cover most, other than Buses, Coaches and minibuses (unless the latter are part of a larger fleet). We are not keen on vehicles being used for the carriage of passengers for hire and reward.

What we like to cover

  • Non-Standard small and large fleets - those where you are having problems placing because of claims, occupations, postcodes, etc
  • Haulage and Couriers - we like them to have three years’ claims experience and are willing to look at risk management, telemetry and cameras (but these are not compulsory)
  • Standard fleets - we will look at these, of course, but our preference is for the more difficult to place risks

What we are not willing to cover

  • Bus & Coach and Taxi fleets
  • Motor Trade
  • Self-Drive Hire
  • Hazardous goods carrying vehicles

Our Process

We process all transactions online via our sister company, Direct Fleet Insurance Services Ltd:

  • Submit the risk to the DFI team - or log on to DFI at
  • We will give you a quotation within the timeframe you have requested
  • Once you accept our terms the following will happen:
    1. Immediate confirmation of cover - documentation on line
    2. MID entries carried out that day
    3. No proposal form - just statement of fact
    4. Invoice sent with inception documents
  • All MTAs and driver referrals can be managed via the DFI website
  • We will remind you when renewal is due
  • You can obtain a claims update throughout the term of the policy - all online